Issues with the OTOMATIC's HE-VT

Since the update I’ve had issues killing planes with the OTOMATIC’s HE-VT, it feels like you have to directly hit them to do any damage.
Has any change have been made to it other than this?
( 76 mm OTO-Melara 76/62 : HE-VTF Penetration : 15 → 19 mm)


It got the new realshatter applied to it, so the fragmentation can be really bad sometimes.

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It’s really really bad, I’ve hit the mig15 in the test drive directly 3 times with the 60mm hevt and it did nothing, not even a crit

I´ve used the Albatros quite alot and the 76mm HE VT (basically the same system of the Otomatic just as a ship turret) have always been atrocious. I´ve had instances where I shot with both turrets at a target and got nothing better than a crit.

The triggering distance of vt in naval and land battles is different.This is because Gaijin has previously changed the triggering method of vt. The center of the aircraft has been changed to the edge of the aircraft, and the VT triggering distance for land combat has been shortened. But the sea battle mode was forgotten by Gaijin, so the triggering distance of vt in sea battles is longer than the effective killing range.The vt of land warfare is due to the change in fragment killing range in Gaijin’s update this year. Fragments are no longer uniformly spherical, with varying amounts of fragments at different angles, resulting in unstable damage.