Issues with the Norwegian voicelines


I have been listening to the Newer voicelines in the current devblog and spotted some issues. Both me and others have noticed various mistakes, here i will list some of what should be changed

Lad APSFS → Lad Pil
Lad APSFS → Lad Panserbrytende
Lad APSFS → Lad Pansergranat
Lad APSFS → Lad Pilammunisjon

Lad HE-> Lad Panserspreng
Lad HE-> Lad Pansegranat

Lad Squash Hode-> Lad Sprengpanser
Lad Squash Hode-> Lad Sprengpansergranat

Lad HE AP-> Lad Hulladningsgranat

Lad røyk-> Lad røyk
Lad røyk->Lad Fosforgranat
Lad røyk->Lad Røykgranat
Lad WP-> Lad Fosforgranat
Lad WP-> Lad WP

FI nedkjempet → FI nedkjempet
FI nedkjempet → Fiende nedkjempet (should be said as well, at random times like the others)

-Lader lad (Said ammunition) Shouldn’t be said “Lader lad” just “Lad” it goes without saying that the Loader reloads
-“Kutt motor” → “Slå av motoren”, “Stopp Motoren”, “Kutt motor” should be mixed
-“Vognfører start opp” You don’t say “Driver start up eigne” you say either “Start opp motoren” or “Start motoren”
-“Vognfører kutt motor”-> “Slå av motoren”, “Stopp Motoren”, “Vognfører kutt motor” should be mixed
-“Løpehjulet er skadet” This message was heard when the gearbox/axle was hit and destroyed, and the roadwheel itself was undamaged
-“Air defence vehicles” - Luftvernpanservogn , Luftvernvogn, Kampluftvern, luftvernkanonvogn (depending on the type of vehicle)
-“Infantry fighting vehicle” - Stormpanservogn
-“Tank Destroyer” - Panserjager
-“MBT” - Stridsvogn
-“Howitzer” → Haubits, Haubitser, Selvdrevet haubits
-“Vi har tatt en treffer”-> “Vi er truffet” , “Vi har tatt en treffer”


The Norwegian definitions of things should be used, both because they are used in the real world and because there is value for the Norwegian voices. Many of the new endings such as “FI defeated” or “Lad WP” are good, but they cannot completely replace the other definitions, they should both be used. The language has of course changed over time, but many vehicles, including the Leopard 1A5NO2, have been used since the early 90s, and before the update even earlier.

It is a big improvement from the previous devserver, and they are very good, but these are some important details that should be looked at and fixed, there might also be more as i have only been able to hear some of them


Some of your corrections are wrong.

  • You absolutely can say “kutt motor” and “vognfører start opp”.
  • Vognfører is the driver. Vognkommandør/vognsjef is commander.
  • Air defence vehicles are just luftvernvogn, omit the -panser-
  • Løpehjul = roadwheel.
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“Kutt motoren” is an Anglicism from “Cut the eigne”, not directly grammatically correct but it can be used

It should be both, depending on the vehicle of course

yes, that is correct, thank you

But you see the voicelines say “vognfører, start motor”, “vognfører kutt motoren” etc

“Vognfører, kutt motor” is the correct way to say the command.
also “Vognfører, start opp” not simply “start motoren”

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Might have to do with various accents as well

“vognfører start motoren”, “vognfører start opp” , “start motoren”, “start opp” neither is wrong tough

I fixed the report/article now tough, so take a look and see if is okay 👍

I have heard it been said as “Lad HE” with the individual letters enunciated. Same with “Lad HEAT”.

It wouldnt be far fetched to assume that the commander addresses the individual crewmembers on the intercom.

Yes i’ll fix that, but neither is wrong, like you dont adress the crewmwmber each time

Thats what they say in game yes, but they should be said in those translated words as well, “Lad H-E” is not firectly wrong, but saying “Lad spreng” “lad panserspreng” should still be used, and this both are and have been used :) same with the others, ap, heat etc


I was wondering if they were improved, hopefully we can get more accurate voice lines, I like the Norwegian vehicles we have in-game, and as we get more, it will be nice to have some proper voices for the crews of them.

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They are 10 times better than in the devserver for the Last Major update, and that is great, but there are some issues like these listed ones that should be added to the new lines or changed

Norway has a bunch of different dialects, and then there can be some problems with things, such as this with “Cut the motor”, in the western part of the country it is not something you say, nor “Shut the motor”. “Cut the engine” is not quite “Grammatically” correct as it is a form of “Anglicism”, but you can use this just fine

I myself work with machines and have not heard anyone use “Kutt moren” regularly in my part of the country(west), but I heard a lot of other things when I was in the east for a while, which is then a much different dialect etc, which of course has something to do say when you have your words for things. This applies to the south, west, north and south :) the four largest areas

So these should have been bklanded in layers
“Slå av motoren”
“Slukk motoren”
“Kutt motoren”
“Vognfører slukk motoren”
“Vognfører slå av motoren”
“Vognfører kutt motoren”

This will also give a better variety in Voicelines, which gives it a value

I’m from “the Western part” of Norway and you ABSOLUTELY can say “kutt motoren” both on ships, boats, cars, trucks, etc… here in Rogaland, same in old Hordaland, and up to S&F. Probably M&R too.

It’s used in the same way as you can say “kutt kraften” on something like a PTO, offshoot gearing, etc… or on a thruster on a ship.

It’s not a new anglicism, it’s been used for many decades.

Yes, but it should be mixed together with the others ;)

The information i have The information Ive got on it claims that it’s a anglicism, but it’s fine, dosent do anything more with that one

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I’m from the northern part and you can absolutely say “kutt motoren” but also "steng motoren, although in my dialect the E is removed from the word “motoren” but i digress, the point is is that it can be said and still be correct.

Also, for “LOAD HE” it can also be said “Lad Høyeksplosiv”, because “high explosive” = “høyeksplosiv”.

I changed that bout “kutt motoren” earlier

Not so sure about “høyeksplosiv” tough,

Panserspreng, pansergranat, pansersprenggranat are the definitions used for HE type grenades, but not entirely wrong either