Issues with Finnish vehicle nomenclature and configuration

First of all, I highly appreciate the possibility of playing the Finnish Armed Forces vehicles in game.

How ever, couple minor issues have bothered me from the onset;

*** ItPsV 90**

While the configuration of the vehicle is correct, the naming is not.

First; The up-to-date nomenclature for Leopard 2 based vehicle is “*ITPSV 90 Marksman”, all abbreviations capital since 2005. "In military abbreviations regarding units, institutes, and systems, only capital letters are uses. References: 1, 2.

Second, even during the old naming convention, the usage of capital V in refers to communications and signalling, as if “Viestiaselaji”. Examples: PsvK = Panssarivaunukomppania [Tank company] vs. PsVK = Panssariviestikomppania [Armoured comms/signals company].

Both units have co-existed under the same brigade structure, and hence the correct usage of capital letters were relevant.


*** T-55M**

The current track model ingame is wrong. As part of the modernization program, T-55M adopted RMSh (as in T-72M1) tracks instead of old OMSh pattern tracks due to their longer lifespan.

Reference: 3

Finnish Defence Forces: Equipment: ITPSV 90 Marksman Materiel and Equipment of the Finnish Defence Forces - Puolustusvoimat - The Finnish Defence Forces

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  1. Muikku, Purhonen: The Finnish Armoured Vehicles 1918 - 1997. ISBN 952-5026-33-7. Pages 106-107.
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