Issues website problem

*I opened an issue today.
*one of the site operators closed the issue. Stating that its a duplicate of another previous complain.
*I cant comment in my closed issue anymore.

*The other issue of the other user is also closed (acknowledged)
*The argument presented by the operator in this one is that there is a workaround.
*The proposed workaround doesnt work.

question: if the issue is a- not properly understood by the operator or b-offered solutions dont work

then what to do if further comments are disalowed.
because this is a recurrent problem in the site.


I also agree with this issue that you raise.

I’ve seen issues that are reported in English, closed, claimed as being a duplicate, referred to a non-English report which the reporter can’t understand, which comes back to a ‘fixed’ / ‘acknowledged’ state, yet the bug that was being reported isn’t fixed and kept being an issue.

We still have no radio messages being played after the second match of Air AB prior to the update.