Issues viewing custom tank textures

Recently ive started slowly making skins again and was wanting to use the asset viewer to make my life easier, which it had when i am mucking around with aircraft however i was trying to use it with the AMX 32 105 and cannot figure out the issue i am having. With the default texture as a background. the texture is loaded but covers and changes any modification to the texture in the steel colour except for a very small outline. Removing the default texture as the back ground and having the background just be transparent then just leaves the unmodified areas black and the modified areas as the default steel colour and outlined.

I wasnt having this issue when messing around with a skin for the new Mirage 2k s4, the files are placed in “WarThunderCDK\develop\assets\gameres\player_vehicles” as tga files, i tired putting in another skins textures in there and had the same issue and left at a bit of a loss, any help would be much appreciated! thank you!