Issues Mac

Ever since the seek and destroy update, war thunder has become unplayable on Mac. Ever since December 2023 the game would run without a single issue, but now the game has become unplayable, it crashes every single game, it makes my computer crash. the game just freezes then either I stay logged on my my account and I get a “critical error freeze” message, or it just logs off everyone on the computer and loses everything.
I have this issue in EVERYSINGLE air realistic battle and every time I want to test drive a vehicle, but grab works alright, except crashes once in a while. There are also a lot of graphic issues in both air and ground. Please help me! I payed for this game to work, not to be unplayable!


Been happening to me, and lots of other Mac players, they don’t care about this side of the player base, issues take forever to fix and new ones appear and nothing is done about it. Best you can do is wait for a patch that they will maybe fix the game for us, till then, fuck the company that doesn’t give two fucks about us. Even though we still make up a large part of their player base.

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terrible. I also opened a ticket, it’s a shame the game works this bad for us Macs players, especially considering the amount of money I have already put in, and I am convinced that I am not the only one. Please do something about this GAIJIN.

theres a mac version?!

Yes. and there are a lot of players. I just dumped a shit ton of money in the summer sales and for a perm account that I cannot even use!


Me too its so bad I bought the M1 KVT 4 days ago and I can ONLY play tanks and helicopters anytime I try to spawn in a plane in any game mode after about 10-10 seconds the game crashes

Same here, ever since the Seek and Destroy update my macbook pro (its a 2015 so it could just be the laptop) has been doing something weird where the textures on my tank/plane would go haywire and i wouldnt be able to see sometimes it would stretch into the gunner and binocular view no idea if its the game or how old my mac is but its a very annoying issue :/