Israeli Namer 30 | Where is the Trophy Active Portection System?

In a thread post on Steam (Namer 30: Desert Feline) it was mentioned that quote “In 2016, the Namer underwent an experimental modification which saw it outfitted with a remote-controlled 30 mm turret and Spike missile launchers.” This is an accurate representation of one of the upgrades that the Namer APC received. However, another critical upgrade that was implemented and has not been included or mentioned or added in the game at all, the Trophy Active Protection System (APS).

According to an official statement from the Tank and APC Administration of the Israeli Ministry of Defence, “As such, in November 2016 it was announced that every new Merkava IV and Namer APC will be equipped with the Trophy APS.” This clearly indicates that the Namer 30 APC, alongside the Merkava IV, in fact received this vital defensive system.

The Trophy APS is a crucial part of the Namer’s defensive capabilities providing enhanced protection against anti-tank missiles and RPGs. It plays a significant role in the operational effectiveness and survivability of the vehicle on the battlefield. Given War Thunder’s commitment to historical accuracy and realistic gameplay, the inclusion of the Trophy APS on the Namer 30 APC is essential for accurately representing this vehicle as it serves in the Israeli Defense Forces. There is no reason for the APC not to receive such an important upgrade.

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u guys have no taste fr, why didnt u ask for this???
its the same thing but has an actually good shape

It was asked for several times. Is this your first time dealing with gaijin?


like they couldve put in the same amount of effort… maybe even less and given you guys a much cooler IFV but noooo they had to give you this malnourished stickman fighting vehicle

I’m sure other variants will come eventually, maybe within the next 5 years 😂

yeah ill probably have made warthunder 2 by myself by that time

The Namer 30 is highly effective actually due to its 30mm autocannon and two “Fire-and-Forget” Spike missiles. The 30mm autocannon excels against Light Armored Vehicles, Anti Air Vehicles, Low Flying Aircrafts and Helicopters while the “Fire-and-Forget” Spike missiles offer high penetration and long-range capability against heavy armored vehicles, not to mention that it has the best armor from every single other APC in the game, in fact this combination makes the Namer 30 versatile, survivable, and valuable for supporting team operations in the Battlefield and i think it actually makes a difference compared to other APC’s

thank you chat gpt but i wasnt even talking about anything you are talking about

I mean its not the post 2016 upgraded Namer 30. Its an experimental model which received the RWS and Spikes.

dude i was literally responding to that:

“u guys have no taste fr, why didnt u ask for this???”

but i simply didn’t do the research for the one that you mentioned, i won’t use Chat GTP for a simple exlanation

np man its just that gaijin chose a similar but arguably worse looking version for this vehicle