Israeli F-15C missing ordnance

Nvm guys just found out it’s not an F-15C but a different version. Now it’s not only missing ordnance, it’s missing A LOT of ordnance.


Make a bug report, putting this here ain’t gonna do anything.

In fact F-15C Baz Meshupar never equipped targeting pod and GBU-10 Paveway II LGB. but F-15I Ra’am capable

I guess now F-15C Baz Meshupar lack GBU-15(V)2/B

Nvm I just learned this is a completely separate plane we are not getting an Akef but a “Baz Meshupar” that should have a whole lot more

whats the difference between the improved baz and the akef

The new Baz is supposed to have a different cockpit and a lot of different ordnance options. There’s a thread about it in this dev general discussion.

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I see, I didn’t realize the Baz is specifically the F-15A, while the Akef is the F-15C. So the Improved Baz is basically an upgraded F-15A (that is currently missing the unique cockpit + ordnance)

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Officially, both F-15A/C are called Baz, IAF website also refers to them both as Baz.


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But actually not AIM-120A, F-15C Baz mounted AIM-120B. and wrong radar

where the phyton 4 missile?

Python* 3 is currently an available option. Python 4 (the 50G irccm one) isn’t yet in the game, and not planned to be coming in the next major update.

what a disappointing. it’s in the file game from the end of last year and still not in the game. how long they going to discuss when to put it in.

I guess gaijin ready give Python 4 on F-15C Baz & F-16D Block 40 Barak for third major update or fourth major update this year

Smin stated it’s too advanced atm, the games not ready for it either imo

Python 3 is such a garbage missile IMO.

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they can nerf to 45g like that Russia’s missile did before.

You mean Python 4 maneuvrability (max overload) down to 45G like MAA-1 Piranha from AMX A-1A ?

or to 40g if it need. i just want python that have IRCCM. why need to use aim9m if they have their own missile

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It’s just a better Aim-9L lmao, I wish they’d buff the seeker someday

Then why in hell the confusing naming scheme, not just here but for all of the Israeli tanks and planes?
Yes, the nicknames “baz” and Kurnass etc are correct but do the official israeli sources ever refer to them as such?
Nevertheless, the patch that changed the naming scheme should have been reverted long ago.