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is there any chance that Israel is getting “more” attention ? for example decals, avatars,… there are only “aviation” decals… hows about Naval ? is israel getting a naval fleet !? and maybe a more modern AA ? ^^
because i realy like to play israel and i would like to know is there something comming ?!
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Another player who shares my suffering ^^

I think all players who think the IDF is disadvantaged should form a group …
Especially with the AA I agree with you.
It is certainly progress, a good sign and also justified that the JSDF got an AA before the IDF, after all it has been in the game for much longer.
But why can’t at least the most serious wrinkles be ironed out in an update, so to speak?
A proper AA for Italy, the UK (to be fair) and the IDF in one update and everyone is >halfway< to the same level of technology.

That would be 3 vehicles.
3 …

Well, let’s see - maybe I’ll start a lottery, each betting participant will give me €2, I’ll use it to buy one or more premium vehicles and whoever is closest with their estimate of when these vehicles will arrive will get them 😹

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