Israel should have SPICE series and popeyeye

IAF have got F16D and F15c BAZ meshupar, but where’s the accurate cas loading?Israel have the earliest CAS combat experiences in the world. Since GAIJIN would not give the maverick to IAF, so obviously IAF should get his more powerful BOMBS.



Interestingly, Gaijin did not give Israel the F-15C. He is still the F-15A. The radar is the most rubbish in the three new F15s this time because there is no TWS. Before the repeated, it was only given to the United States F-16 Block52, while Israel could only have a worse F-16 Block40.


Yeap, the gimped it at the last sec after 2 weeks of dev server which had the APG-63(v)1 and now its a gimped buggy mess radar.

They could go with F15C Akef but nah , its better just to show 1 thing in dev server for 2 weeks straight and completely change it in live server.