Israel or breat britain

im one tier away for being able to get israeli planes but im not sure if i should stay with british palnes or not?

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I mean it’s primarily up to your playstyle with high tier jets. I say this because both Israel and Britain have Spitfires and Meteors, Israel have fairly usable mid-tier jets which carry the Shafir 2s. While both countries have good top tier choices, Israel might get boring for you rather fast if you like having a good choice of playstyles, Israel only have F-4s, F-16s and F-15s, all of which play pretty much the same and are all competitive at their BRs. Britain has many different Harriers, Jaguars, Buccaneers, Tornados, Phantoms, and a Gripen if you want something SERIOUSLY competitive. British mid-tier jets are very good, BUT- and I mean BUT- it has quite the learning curve to play to the Lightning and Hunter’s strengths, if you nail them down you will be very hard to kill at your own BRs, but if you get uptiered you will unfortunately get slaughtered in them due to having no flares.

It’s all about how much choice you want to have at the end of the day, of course Britain having a much larger range of planes, means it’s a longer grind, but I’d say it’s worth it, while British top tier used to be AWFUL with the only choice of flying ten ton buses taking a galactic light year to turn once (Looking at you Tornado F.3) it’s so much better now with the Harrier GR.7, buffs to the Tornado F.3 making it a BVR powerhouse and missile slinger, and the SAAF Gripen being added to the tree which is debatably the best plane at top tier right now.

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The Israeli tree does come with “free” French jets as a bonus.

Can add on to that the Tornado Gr1 buffs that are hopefully coming soon.

1200 chaff will make the Tornado Gr1 interesting and we could also get 2x BOL on top of that.

But good analysis and breakdown. I agree. Once you’ve mastered 30mm ADENs, we have some great stuff. but it does take a lot of time to master

alr thank you