[ISRAEL] M338 underperforming?

The M338 is a third generation, tungsten alloy and antiERA APFSDS for the IMI MG251 cannon used by the Merkava 3 and 4 series of tanks. It entered service around the same time DM53/63 did, however, in-game performs a bit worse than those despite similarities in muzzle velocity (L/44), penetrator mass and propellant weight+type.


Notice how M338 penetration matches DM53 (L/44) from 500m and onwards

For some reason M338 isn’t even listed on the chart with all APFSDS in-game: Характеристики APFSDS снарядов - Google Drive


Rheinmetall and IMI collaborated on the creation of M111 (licensed produced as DM23), M413 (licensed produced as DM33) and M426 (licensed produced as DM63) for the L7 cannon: such collaboration probably extended to the Rh120 L/44 too.

So…Is M338 underperforming?


Sorry for the ping, but do you have any information about this?

Hes asking us

Browsing trough the-now dead-page of IMI, i found better images of M321, M322 and M338.

M321 (Round: 936mm)

M322 (Round Length: 984mm)

M338 (Round Length: 984mm)

M338 and DM63 resemble a lot, but i’m still missing a few measurements to make a proper bug report.

None that would be relevant. There isn’t a lot of data on M338 out there.

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