Isnt this a bit harsh?

So I tried playing sim battles today, for the first time in my several years playing this game. If you look on my account, I have like 3 sim battles, and so it should be obvious im still learning.

So naturally, im not used to being able to friendly fire, nor am I used to not seeing indicators about friendly’s heads, so sometimes I panic snap-shotted and it ended up being an ally. I always apologized and showed remorse for it, and I understand that its entirely my fault for not checking my fire, but I played THREE games and got banned for a day because of accidental friendly fire.

I mean REALLY? Doesnt that seem a bit harsh for a new player when im already paying the SL cost of the teamkill? It really doesnt seem fair-

First off, welcome to the forums!

Second, its very difficult to play Sim battle, always check to make sure what vehicles your team consists of (But be aware that the enemy may have some sneaky tanks of their own in play, like the German Sherman).

If you’re a new player to sim, you needn’t be sorry too much about it, because you are still learning. As long as you apologized and meant it, you’ll be good.

I’ll try to talk to a community mod about it though. I’ll get back to ya!

Well…i am guessing you did SEVERAL team kills on your three games…and the game decided you needed a “warning”…

Bear in mind that it is possible that new players dont really realize they are killing their own team OR that they are actually doing it on purpose…so the game tries to prevent/warn this situation…

AGAIN…if you killed several friendlies on just three matches…perhaps it was a “gentle” warning…no? (i dont play sim…not sure on on frequent this is)

I’ve watched Sim games on YT, and its indeed pretty tough to identify enemy vehicles if they look like your own. (for instance, look at the T-34 747 (R) or the T 80 U for Sweden.

replay no 2023. arcade … player boxlicker(a hole) pushes you into line of fire has done this numerous times

Through this new system fear to play simulation battles lol

Hey man,

First off, Welcome to the forums and Welcome to the sim community!
The sim community is small as is, so I’m glad youre interested!

Sorry you had a bad experience in your first few flights!
Sim is hard to learn, it takes a lot of time. Not just learning controls and how to fly, but how to actually identify aircraft and use all your systems to your advantage.

If you ever want help learning sim, I teach players in my free time! Hit me up and we can fly together and I can teach you the ropes!