Isnt the challengers hull incorrectly modeled. If not could the upper front plate get a buff

Currently the disappointing challenger 3 p is nothing that will be able to have great success at top tier without increased protection. Unlike the previous challengers the ammo stored in the turret basket can detonate and without some better protection the challengers roof and gun breach will make ammo racking to easy.

It’s common knowledge that the challengers chobham armour should extend all around the roof and to the back. It therfore should be rather difficult to overpressure the challenger 3 p but right now ww2 heat projectiles can kill the crew.

What I propose decease the likeliness of getting ammo raked by increasing the challengers over all protection and decrease the size of weak spots. Currently it’s the size of texas.


Good luck explaining to gaijin that. We have shown extensive pictures and documents showing exactly all of this plus much more and they simply say we can’t use pictures or need more information…. I’ve given up and have just grinned other nations as I never will get a working and usable tank.

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