Is Web Scraping Allowed on the War Thunder Wiki?

Hello, my name is Isaac, and I would like to ask a question. It’s about the War Thunder Wiki, and I believe

Summary of the question: Is it allowed to perform web scraping on the War Thunder wiki page?

For some time, I have been trying to improve the presentation of relevant information for my friends and my clan in War Thunder. However, the news on the Gaijin page often lack graphs, which are crucial for representing appreciation and loss. You can see this in the latest monetary update of the game, where they basically put up a huge table without any graphs to facilitate the visualization of global trends. And so, I have decided to take action and promote graphs to people around me to enhance our understanding of game global trends. Therefore, I would love to know if I can use the War Thunder wiki page to cross-reference information and improve analysis. The motivation behind this is that the War Thunder tables often lack variables (like in the latest table where the vehicle type is not indicated). Although sometimes the variables may be obvious, manually correcting this deficiency would require exhaustive manual work, which could be greatly simplified by cross-referencing information available on the wiki (by performing web scraping using a programming language).

@Colok76286 ?

Typically Copyrights wiki page should answer that question, but I noticed it got deleted.

Yes, I mean, I have the best intentions, but I searched and searched extensively and couldn’t find anything. I submitted a ticket to support, and they told me to ask here for a specific moderator of the wiki. I had posted a question in the old forum yesterday, but unfortunately, it got deleted =/.

My goal is simply to improve the charts I already create using the publicly available tables that Gaijin shares on Google Sheets. As an example, I had created a response to the recent changes in the economy: [Feedback] Economy Revision - Our Plan in Detail - Page 5 - General Discussion - War Thunder - Official Forum


Please find Gaijin’s collection of legal documents at If you have any further questions, please contact the legal team at the email provided within the documents.

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Thanks, I’ll get in touch with them. Hope they fix it… like I said I really do have the best of intentions. I believe it shouldn’t have this kind of limitation, but since webscrapping is usually limited, it doesn’t hurt to ask…

What kind of data are you looking for? I’ve analyzed the wiki and I have to warn you, it’s not well organized for web scraping.

Well, in short, a lot of data is possible to collect directly from the wiki, it would make a long list to put here. About the organization, I’m a statistician, lack of data organization is something I see the most, and I have the ability to organize them easily with codes… And besides, with webscrapping it would be possible to catalog problem data or a list of data missing items, which would help to complete/fix…

Could you make some examples? I’m developing an API for all vehicle-related things like weapons, ammos, presets and their specs etc… Perhaps I could include some of the data you are looking for to help others too


One issue I had with Gaijin’s economy change table is that they don’t include a vehicle type. Of course, you could say, “Just do it manually,” but that takes more time, and I would have to repeat the process for every future table since the game is constantly receiving new vehicles. On the wiki, however, I have perfect information for each vehicle in the game, in each nation, and even better, with the type clearly specified. This helps me create graphics regarding changes in the economy, considering the vehicle type, not just the nation and game mode (which are the only pieces of information provided by Gaijin in the economy table).


I can gather specific information about the armor of vehicles from different angles. Of course, this information is more limited than the protection analysis within the game, but with this information, I can study patterns among light, medium, and heavy vehicles, and try to identify trends and tendencies among nations.

Ammunition types per vehicle: The game has an extensive variety of ammunition, and many of them are perfectly cataloged on the wiki. Many of these ammunition types are used by more than one vehicle. This would allow for comparisons of penetration, creating a heatmap, depending on the battle rating.

Having information about the pros and cons of vehicles allows me to create algorithms for theoretical combat comparisons.

Knowing trends about Gaijin’s vehicle additions, getting an idea if the next update is more likely to be ground or air vehicles. Knowing if they rotate the addition of vehicles by nation in the game (as the wiki provides update dates).

In short, as I said, there is a plethora of information that could be collected. But for that, web scraping has to be allowed, and before doing all of this, I’m pursuing that information…

Hi, just a question feedback, I asked the gaijin legal department. Briefly, they said that there is no problem, as long as it doesn’t overload the page too much.

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There is also an API for the wiki.