Is USA the best country to start of with?

Is the USA the best country to start with?

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Eh, thats more complicated than that.

Depending on the game mode?

For ground, China and Soviet union have some very forgiving armor which will give a new player most mileage.

Air? Prolly japan with zeroes or uk with spitfires.

USA is good dont get me wrong, 5.7 US is my most played lineup nowadays, but it requires certain playstyle to be effective.


I would say Russia is the easiest nation to start with.


For ground, one of the best.
Germany’s better.
Soviets are for the most point avoid, too reliant on armor so you lack speed and usually ammunition as well.
Though the Soviets will teach you to aim for weakspots better than the others due to lower penning ammunition at BRs.

For air, USA is probably the 2nd best. I’d argue Britain or France air is at least as forgiving.

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Yea I started with the ussr and now I was wondering if the USA is better

I am using ussr and started the I’m and USA ground force trees

Germany or Soviet tbh

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I originally chose Soviet

its not complete answer, im just assuming since you just started the game.

other nations have their positives and negatives too.

IMO new players suffer the most from not knowing maps and proper positioning, and that cant be learned just by watching videos or reading on some tips - it comes from experience. Until you gain that, you want to play the most forgiving vehicles, which happen to be the most armored ones.

once you learn that, you can go play other nations.

of course, you dont have to follow this advice, its just what i would call the path of least resistance (and suffering).

Top 3 are all easy for new players. America is a master of cas and average tanking nation.

Honestly China is a very good starter country. It basically gets the greatest hits from the US and USSR with some other stuff sprinkled in. It has some solid low tier lineups and imo the best 5.7 lineup in the game.

Or you can play France if you want to learn by the stick.

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For new players, I would recommend the US, Germany, or China. The US and Germany have really strong trees, especially when starting off, in air and ground. China also has a really strong tree and has a mix of vehicles that allow you to get experience in vehicles from the US and USSR at the same time, and in doing so, gets around that really rough rank 4 area of the Soviet air tree.

Exactly. France is my favorite ground tree, but China is actually my number one pick for a starter tree because just as you said, it’s a greatest hits playlist of vehicles from the US and USSR with some other fun things sprinkled in.

IMO i wouldnt actually recommend germany for new players as they all bar few require proper positioning; and that is something new players dont have.

not dissing anyone, just saying how it is. New players simply dont have the map knowledge to position themselves properly.

Panzer IVs are glass cannons.

Tiger Is require angling.

Panthers and most german casemates TDs require player to keep some distance due to weak side armor.

Only with King Tigers and Jagdtiger germans get reliably armored vehicles that can push properly.

We could continue higher but at that point, if players take their time to properly play the vehicles, they arent excatly “new” anymore and should have basics figured out.

IMO most new players usually tend to die because they play too aggresively, push without proper support and expose their flanks, and drive into sight lines without caution. Armor tends to negate this to some extent, ergo new players would benefit the most from playing armored vehicles rather than glass cannons.


You make a fair point.

Ground Japan is more of a support-based nation in the game that is. A lot of their vehicles perform better if they assist teammates. So long they’re not overexerting, however, later war vehicles become a lot more competitive.

For Air, Zeros, Ki-43s, Ki-44s, and Ki-83 a lot of Army aircraft perform incredibly well. I would not recommend it to the faint of heart. To the inexperience, since she will make you learn what pain is. Then over time, you become better. ->Pain->Experience. It helped me learned how to play Germany a lot more and never understood the college grade essay forum topics.