Is Thunder Skill now defunct?

I just came back to the game after a few years off and it appears that Thunder Skill doesn’t work anymore.

Have they shut down?

What’s the story?

Still there, just not being updated anymore it seems, but still just collecting data.

It’s still collecting data, but it:

  1. Has not updated to support newer vehicles;
  2. Its data has never been complete.
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A lot of people are reporting problems with enrolling themselves now, another nail in the coffin it seems. I talk a little about how accurate it actually turned out to be when we got a few days of real data here: Data Analysis #2: What are the real win rates by BR, and how good is Thunderskill really?

Ultimately Gaijin refuses to share any sort of data so they can keep full control over it and do whatever they want with zero explanation or justification, they can just pretend vehicle X or Y is overperforming and uptier or nerf it as they please.

The fact they instantly ruined the replay system the moment someone got some data out of it shows how important this secrecy is to them, which just confirms my beliefs they have something to hide.

So TS it is.

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what happened to the replay system after K2’s data dropped?

How Im gonna cope with other players stats now?!

What is this about?


I just used the replay system yesterday to report a team killer. It’s working the same way it always has.

Actually, I just wanted to keep track on how I’m doing.

In Air Games, I’ve always played realistic battles and seem to be still able to hold my own there. But in tank battles I play arcade because I have no idea what I’m doing in realistic, and I seem to not be able to do anything right.

I wanted to see if maybe my memory is off and it’s not as bad as it seems, but none of my statistics are updating at all, hence the thread.

Sometimes it does, sometimes you get stuck loading the next part 10 times per replay, sometimes it does not load at all and you have to restart the whole thing.

I think your “player profile stats” are updated periodically during the day . . at what rate/times I am not sure. But I am fairly certain that they are not updated immediately and checking back every so many hours should be a little more on schedule. Just takes time with the part of the game usually . . . hope that helps. (And I never cared for Thunder Skill anyway. . . lol)