Is there someone who actually uses manual transmission?


me, because i genuinely hate myself. That and the devs cant make normal gear shifting outside a straight road work.


it’s crazy the driver use gear 2 or 3 on steep hill

and thats the reason i often fall back down because he stalls my engine

I’ve honestly got to try it, there’s no way a gear shift should be taking longer than 0.1 seconds

I only use automatic gear if I use a tank with MCLOS missiles, as even today MCLOS guidance is fixed to tan movement controls, so can only be reliably used if using the keyboard to control both tank and missiles.

Manual transmission is useful for limiting the speed of the car to a specific number. It is also useful for driving up hills, where it is often useful to use a lower gear than the automatic. However, I rarely use the function, because diverting attention to shifting gears in combat is inconvenient.

I use automatic but will constantly downshift if I lose speed, the driver does not like to downshift at suboptimal RPMs. It helps with mobility problems quite often.