Is there less APFSDS spall now?

Ever since the air superiority update, top tier apfsds spalling has felt really inconsistent. It is NOT BECAUSE OF THE SPALL LINERS because its been happening even on tanks w/o them such as the abrams. 1 shotting when they are angled, turret ring, driver port, etc feels really inconsitent now and never kills.

Is it just me having a skill issue, my apfsds shell or is the apfsds spall actually decreased? (I am using the Strv 122 slpprj m/95)


agree w u, can`t play on my Leo PL now. Top tier now is worst tier


I feel like APDSFS damage was turned down in general, on lower tiers its bad too, and thats without spall liners.
These two were a mistake.
Spall liners just remove cone almost completely.
Both without the spall liner and with it spall cone are just too small.


Yes i was thinking the same yesterday when playing. Good to know im not the only one.


Same here at my experience.



This became very obvious to me when I played the VCC-80/60. It already had poor spalling (due to small caliber) but after the update it might as well have none at all.


Huh, so it’s not just my imagination. Well yes I agree, I also feel there’s less spall.

I noticed this change on the dev server as well, where it was even more noticeable, but I shrugged it off as some dev server bug, as there were many. Seems it was intentional perhaps. I feel this is also just a server side thing, as it’s not in the datamines. May show again that there’s just many knobs Gaijin can turn without us knowing.


There was also this bug.

I never use forums…but apfsds spalling since patch drop has been so f***ed in lack of a better word. Its inconsistent, I don’t trust it and half the time im second guessing myself now because I feel like I’m not gonna kill the guy swinging or the guy im pushing. You will hit a bullseye shot, centre-mass on a light tank or even a side shot on an MBT, and all you get is maybe a loader. None of these 10.0 vehicles have spall liners but it damn well feels like they do. Prior to Air Superiority the same shots were clean 1-taps.

I’ve been experiencing this with both high tier Russia and Germany; 2A4, Tam 2C, 2S25M, T72B, T64B, T80B. I haven’t played too much 11.7 as I have been in the process of grinding out the new t90m and 2a7, but sounds like the rest of you have done the testing with similar results already.

Perhaps a year back, a buddy and I recall a similar situation, where spalling for a good solid couple weeks was just piss-weak, the CV90105 would eat sabot rounds like a sponge. Feels like every now and then when Gaijin tweaks something in relation to ballistics the spalling just goes out of kilter.

EDIT: Patch came through 3 Hours after I posted my original comment. They fixed spalling, there was indeed less secondary fragments then there was supposed to be.