Is there ever any warning for Console players when Pack Sales aren't happening?

I’m specifically an Xbox player, and while I’m waiting for the November Anniversary sales, I really need to know whether we will be informed by Gaijin that the Pack sales (which are reliant on Microsoft) will be going ahead before the ingame GE sale ends. I don’t want to save money for it and then find out that we get absolutely nothing for the 2nd week.


Save yourself the trouble, it’s not going to happen. So just save money for GE and spend it on discounted vehicles and premium account ingame.


Oh, damn man. Is this like a concrete confirmation?

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Alright appreciated. Golden Eagles sales (Premium and that included) still going ahead?

As always, yes


So you are telling us gaijin has decided to tell us to essentially take our money elsewhere since we can’t be allowed to have pack sales. Before you say Microsoft is the reason, I have been hearing that they put a statement out a while ago that said they were not preventing sales. I will go spread the word now since we clearly aren’t wanted here anymore.


No, he’s saying you won’t get access to pack sales until GE sales are over.

No we aren’t getting back sales again. Considering how long it has been and what grom said, it is not happening again aka it is gaijin’s way of saying they don’t like us and for us to go spend our money on games where the devs don’t hate console.


Is there any plans to make packs available in other ways in game then even if they are broken up to be just single vehicles only for console? Seems like an easy fix if you don’t want to do packs pretty much anymore on Sony or Microsoft stores

A) I didn’t say anything about PS Store, the original post was about Xbox and this is what I’m replying to.
B) Your question is confusing, you mean pack sales I presume? Not the release of new packs on consoles in general. As always, we’re bound by whatever platform holder allows us to do when it comes to discounts in THEIR stores.

i dont know why gaijin hates console, it probably brings in the most money.


Make pack vehicles available to purchase with GE on consoles is one solution for limited time only at the equivalent price $$ > GE value i.e. half price.

I tried making a post about it in #suggestions but the forums are not letting me post without a nation tag and if I enter a nation tag like the pop up suggests it never finds the tag.

Also getting sales on the Microsoft store is not hard, just submit the window you want the sales in and they usually accept just like they do for every other single game out there that has sales like what seems like every second week sometimes. You maybe don’t look at the sales on the Microsoft store as often as I do but it 100% happens.

Note: I normally always include Sony when it comes to talking about console sales as they are usually affected also i.e. this last sale for PRC vehicles are not available for them also.

Also is the Z-19E pack being removed from all stores or just the Gaijin store?


For the Z-91E pack, probably all stores. As for gaijin’s tendency with sales, they usually make them less than a week on purpose which means it can’t be allowed on console. Supposedly Microsoft doesn’t allow gaijin to have sales on Xbox however that is untrue. We are told to blame Microsoft, PlayStation players are told to blame Sony, in reality gaijin is to blame.

What we need is an official message from gaijin that either A. Tells us to take our money elsewhere because they hate us or B. Says that may actually start doing sales for console that are not mini sales and are proper sales equal to what pc gets(same packs on sale(or equivalent in the case of the XM-1 GM/Chrysler).

We have waited enough and an official message is what is needed to give everyone a clear and final message about this and even though I know the chances are more than likely going to be gaijin never doing that, it is what we need.


So what’s the reason we don’t get Xbox pack sales anymore we still get the premium time discounts and the 50% modification discounts but no pack sales why??! Is it’s gaijin being greedy or Microsoft

Bro it’s on Microsoft’s part. They don’t like game companies offering sales on things directly available from the store

That’s funny, I have been hearing that Microsoft isn’t at fault. Let’s play the bales game instead of getting an official response from gaijin shall we, yeah no. Stop blaming Microsoft and give us an actual response that isn’t blaming Microsoft for once since we have been given that response and only that response for years.

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wait and see it could change

We waited years, no changes have occurred that haven’t involved us getting less and less sales until we no longer are allowed to participate in pack sales. I wouldn’t be surprised if gaijin tries to find a way to make us be unable to participate in ge vehicle and premium account time sales.


Can you convert the Pack Vehicle to the GE Vehicle? Just like before.