Is there ever any warning for Console players when Pack Sales aren't happening?

I am too optimistic. I was hoping they would work out a way to make packs available for GE for console users for this sale at adjusted prices for 50% off but yep that didn’t happen like I hoped at all.

I wanted to even add this as a suggestion but I cannot create topics as I cannot choose the mandatory tags it always asks for.


if you boot up the game from cold and go into the tech tree, a pack premium will be red and will show the amount of ge it is, only for like ~4 secounds. (it will redirect you to the store if you click it though)

i am pissed, if i knew that there wouldn’t be pack sales on console i would have bought something with ge. Gaijin is a bum creator

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buy pc

Please look into what the cross play and cross progression system is at the moment for war thunder before naking blatant just buy a PC statement.

I play most of my time on PC with my account that I created on Xbox but cannot access the market or store for packs. There is a limitation on accounts for some weird reason where if i start the account on console i cannot access the said above but if i start my account on PC I cannot use that account on console at all. The latter is definitely not desirable as i want to be able to play in most places i can and have choice.

Btw this current system of cross progression i have never seen before where it punishes you no matter what choice you make.

Yea i need crossplay on/off function. I dont like the mental issues console players in sim mode

Not everyone can afford to buy a high end pc that doesn’t crash due to war thunder(gaijin seems to make it crash on the xbox series x easily with no fixes in sight nowadays so I can only imagine what happens to those who don’t have high end pcs).

Also it is dumb to do so anyway considering we get punished regardless of our choices. On Xbox we get ridiculed and outcasted by the player base and even by gaijin at this point(lack of pack sales we will never be getting again). So why would we go pay money to buy a pc to buy stuff from gaijin?!?!

It’s always been a matter for MS (and Sony) to determine what sales happen in their stores, because of their terms, and they get a cut - this issue dates back years, and you can find that info all over the net if you look.

Wt dont need a high end pc… any 500€ pc run the wt percectly with high setting amd 60fps in 1080p

They can apply for a time and what packs to put on sales with the console stores just like everyone else does and have 0 issues. The issue is something else related to Gaijin and/or Sony.

The issues you referenced have no real meaning at all and doesn’t explain a thing. First is just a bug report closed for not being a bug and the second just a Tweet about no packs sales this time. Doesn’t get down to the root cause of the issue at all.

I don’t want to lose my account and start all over again. Gaijin turned off account transfer earlier this year.
Dear players, Due to the high volume of current requests, we stop accepting transfer requests until further notice. Thank you for understanding.