Is there any way to change the test drive map

i really want to test my helicopter skills to the max but the default map is so boring

I would suggest custom battles or download user missions.


well user missions dont work for me i just look at the ground ain user misions

In custom battles you can choose the map, play alone and choose the opposition and allies (can be AI controlled)…HOWEVER, contrary to test drive, the opposition will fire back…
I used custom battles to test maps and game modes…but later i moved to normal battles as custom does not give rewards…

AFAIK the test drive maps are fixed.

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It’s nice to see you want to improve at the game, and if you want to know if you can change the test drive map for “army”, “helicopters”, “aviation”, bluewater fleet", or costal fleet". sadly, there is no way of changing the test drive map, you are just stuck on the standard test drive map. But you can create a custom battle to do that, you need to go to the top of your screen below the to battle button then you select the game mode button and it will lead you to the screen of all the different game modes, once there you can click on the “custom battles” button at the bottom right of all the game modes, once there you will find a list of all the custom battles that other users have created in order of the the amount of players in them from high to low, anyway what you want to do now is click the button to the left of select in the bottom right, this button should say “create session”, once clicked on this it will pop up with a list of maps, so you can scroll through the maps and choose one that you would like, but if you would like to make it easier to look for a specific map you can click on filters at the top left of the screen, just above the list of maps, once there you can see the list of filters, once you have chosen a map there will be a bunch of options of what you would like to do with the custom battle, change the options to the game mode that you intend to use the helicopter on or whatever you like best, it’s up to you, then it will lead you into the custom battle where you can start the battle, you can also invite friends from this point to if you want. The main issue with going with that route is that if you want to practice with the vehicle your researching in the helicopter tech tree you won’t be able to create a custom battle, you will only be able to use the test drive feature as of 31/12/23 AWST. But for planes there is a extra future called, the mission editor, you can acsess this by going to the test drive window and then pressing mission editor in the bottom left corner of the test drive window, then you can change where you want to do the battle and a few settings for the battle, keep in mind this is only available for planes that you own.

I hope this helped you a bit and I hope you have a great day.

You can change map on test flight, I figured it out.