Is there any optinim choice of USSR CAS for 8.7-9.0?

consider USSR 8.7-9.0 is a popular BR, bust still lack of CAS, the only choice is MIG17 or il28, Is there any similar CAS place like alpha or saab105? such as a prototype of SU25?

How 'bout Su-25, but without Kh-25/29, and AAM?

Only gun, and unguided rocket/bombs.

Same to A-10A - no AGM-65, no Sidewinders - only BRRRT, Mighty Mouse/Zuni and bombs.

Maybe one day the T-8 (prototype Su-25) will arrive. Similar flight performance but worse weapon load, armour and CMs

Or the Su-25s competitor the Il-102?

Both are late 70s/early 80s aircraft so lack much of the modern guided weaponry that would push up their BR.

I’m hoping for a YA-10A #1/2…20mm M61 and barely a guided missile in sight as this was before the idea of hunting Hinds bacame a reality and a TV bomb to most still meant a bad television rating.

And the YA-9A of course!

There’s potential with trainer aircraft such as the L-39C

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Il-40 Brawny

Designed as a 50s Sturmovich but never made it to production. Usually seen in its later guise with ugly extended intakes but I prefer the ‘pretty’ original design