Is there any irish vehicles in the game? (i know the lé orla is in the game but is there anything else)

if there is what tech tree are they in

the irish have vehicles? huh apparently they have MOWAG Piranhas, but short answer not there isnt

suprisingly yes, there are some good vehicles that could be added into the game to the chineese tech tree or the british, (for chinese tech tree is cm 32 as a tank destroyer) and for british they could add some ships in the irish navy

they could also add the bushmaster as an australian/irish vehicle since it was made by both countries

(cm 32 being irish/taiwanese)

The upcoming Vickers Mk.11 was built in cooperation with Timony of Ireland

Kinda surprised there’s not an unlockable Irish Air Corp camo for the Seafire Mk.III. I think it’d make the plane more worthwhile grinding for