Is there a way to disable instructor moderation while maintaining its fly-by-wire use?


Having played other flight sims, I’ve gotten pretty decent at landing various planes - including supersonic delta-wing craft with their stupid angle of attack and all that.

Yet, in Warthunder I find I often end up hitting the prop on the runway or even nosing over. Almost regularly I will end up doing a hard landing though unless I fly in way too fast.

I’ve ended up recognizing the cause: the instructor. While landing my b26b for rearming, I was trying to do a flare just before touchdown - which, yes, would juuuust about stall the plane out (as intended) - but the instructor wouldn’t let me do it and was flashing white all over.

I did run into this issue in KSP (FAR) with Atmospheric Autopilot, making landing delta-wing planes impossible. I found the solution there was to turn off the FBW’s “Moderation” feature while landing and taking off to be able to hit high angles of attack.

Is this at all possible to replicate in AirRB Mouse Aim flight? Or am I better off coming in hot for landings so the instructor doesn’t sabotage me (so 220 km/H rather than just-above take off speed of 180 km/h).

If not, is there a way to switch control modes temporarily without menus to kill the instructor for landing?

For the record: I already disabled everything in controls that I could.

To more easily switch to a more realistic control method you can keybind the “Toggle control mode” to be able to cycle through the control methods (Mouse aim, Simple ,Realistic, Full) more quickly than using the menus.


You can’t just switch between two methods, but it doesn’t take much to cycle through the few to get back to mouse aim.

Maybe give that a go and see if it helps.

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Gave it a go, it works. I flare now or do intentional stalls to make landings shorter.

It’s a bit awkward for now, but I’ll get used to it.


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Come in with landing flaps. Just before touching down, when you want to flair, retract them, and the plane will settle down without fighting you for AoA control.
On taildraggers this will also allow you to go full up elevator sooner without floating up, keeping the tail pinned to the ground and allowing you to stay on the brakes longer.