Is there a secret, big bad reason why UK tanks in tier 3 have 120-140% SL, while germany only has 70%

So, for ground battles I’ve been doing britain (I like the looks of the crusader tanks, and the comet & avenger don’t look half-bad either) and germany (APHE makes game so much more relaxing and easier, although the turret traverse and lack of stab when I keep getting city maps makes me wanna die inside).

Deciding to take a break from germany, I went back to britain and noticed I’m making nearly double the sl. Now, part of it might be british teams being more reliable so I win more often but… got curious and looked at the stats and… Lo and behold, I look at tech tree: Vk3002 - 70% Sl. Sherman firefly: 110%

This seems to persist for tiers 4 and 5: british tanks make significantly more sl. Although I do notice at tier 5, repair costs jump to almost +2000 more lions.

So, questions:

  • Assuming similar performance with german and british tanks, does the increase repair cost make the higher sl earnings less favourable than they look on paper?
  • Do british winrates go down above tier 3? Tier 3 I seem to get consistently good teams, and barring solid shell being hellish in reaction-speed based duels since I gotta aim while the enemy doesn’t…it seems fairly competetive.
  • Do tanks become much harder to use well compared to german tanks at mid-tiers?

According to this data extract:

…not really…

Adjusting SL & RP modifiers are part of “balancing” efforts…