Is there a reason why Me 163 B-0 is heavier than Me163 B? Is this a War Thunder Wiki error?

War Thunder Wiki Me 163 B Catalog Specifications

War Thunder Wiki Me 163 B-0 Catalog Specifications

According to the War Thunder Wiki, the Me 163 B-0 is 90 kg heavier than the Me 163 B. However, the maximum weight is the same at 4,297 kg. At first, I thought the reason it was 90kg heavier was because of the extra gun pod.

But as you can see in this picture, the weight of the gun pod has been uploaded in this update.

In the armament of the Me 163 B, the weight of two MK108s is approximately 116 kg,
and in the armament of the Me 163 B-0, the weight of two MG151/20 guns is approximately 84kg,

So the Me 163 B-0 should be about 32 kg lighter than the Me 163 B. Is there a reason why the Me 163 B-0 is about 90 kg heavier than the Me 163 B?

If the basic weight is set to 1990kg without the gun pod, the Me 163 B-0 will be 2,074.8kg including the gun pod, making it about 174.8kg heavier than the Me 163 B, which will have a significant impact on flight performance such as turning ability.

More fuel? Idk room much about it. I have seen a a few things about these 2 aircraft recently

One has 20mm cannons, the other has 30mm cannons. That is where you see the weight difference.

Me 163 B’s 2 MK108 weight is 116kg
And Me 163 B-0’s 2 MG151/20 weight is 84kg

As written above, MG 151/20 weighs about 32kg lighter than MK108

Of course, adding the gun pod to the Me 163 B-0 would increase its weight by 84.8 kg, but it should still 32 kg lighter than the current Me 163 B-0’s max weight 2,074.8 kg

How much does the shells weight? Cause the 20mm gets twice the ammo.

The 20mm projectile weighs between 115~120g(APHE) and 92~95g (HE minengeschoss)

The 30mm projectile weighs 330g (might be Minengeschoss)

The 30mm projectile is almost 2~3 times heavier than 20mm

If the Me 163 B-0 had a lighter base weight than the Me 163 B, there is no reason for it to be heavier.

Thats all I can think of that might be different. If its bugged, I hope it gets fixed.

I really enjoy playing the Me 163 B-0, this point stands out as a major disadvantage. Even though the BR is 0.7 higher, its performance is significantly lower than Me 163 B.

The difference in weight (32kg, it could be lighter) has a big impact on turning rate, climbing rate, and energy conservation.

Thank you for listening to my opinion.

If you hover over the underlined “Basic mass” in the Engine performance section of the B-0, it describes it as “Mass of the aircraft with pilot and engine oil, but no fuel or weapons load”


Not sure if that is meaning just expendable weapons load (i.e. the ammo), or the guns themselves too

(I don’t know why it doesn’t appear on the B wiki page)

Not sure it really helps with your answer either, but just a bit of extra info

With full fuel, ammo and gunpods the total weight of the B-0 as listed by the mass indicator in localhost is 4066.4kg and 4059.6kg for the B, weight without gunpods of the B-0 is 4047.84kg.

Wiki is just not correct, that’s all. Weight difference between them is negligible.

20mm MG 151 ammo weights between 183-205g.
MK 108 ammo weighs around 480g with belt link 595g.

Weight of 100 belt-pieces for MG 151: 1.72kg
So 20mm ammo with belt link would be 200-222g.

One MG 151/20 weighs around 42kg with all the extra components like electric trigger and charge mechanism. For the MK 108 it’s apparently around 58kg.