Is there a particular reason as to why the Folttontorpedoboot T31 is at 4.0 while it's brethren is only 3.7?

As the title entails is there any reason why the T31 is at 4.0 while T22 sits happily at 3.7, As I doubt it can be down to Rank an if that’s a problem it ain’t like they never switched premium ranks before as seen by event Torpedo Boat Jaguar (1941) which was a Rank III even post TT split.

Is one extra 2 cm & four extra 3.7 cm really anything to ride home about for it’s BR ntm it ain’t like this vessel has its old torpedoes either which weren’t usable back then nor similar now.

What’s the reasoning?? For it has been like this for a few years an only now do I question it enough to type this post.

No one knows any precise reasons for anything except Gaijin.

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Premium ranks very rarely change.