Is there a better version of the 9M39 igla

Was looking at the MI-35M and the 9M39 Igla is just plain worse then the r60M the mi-24 gets so I have two questions first is can it use r60Ms next is there a better version of the 9M39 and if so can the
mi-35M use it


It can use 9M342 Igla-S (has proxy fuse unlike 9M39, sligtly more explosive and range) and 9M336 Verba (triple band seeker)

We need this grand wander weapon in game

Last thing russian helis need is a buff.

Also, the Igla isnt worse than an R-60M, especially not when fired from a heli. It has MUCH better flare resistance and way more range

Really igla have no VT fuse have bad flare resistance and have only 10g turn same as aim 9B and we are not talking about the ka52 we are talking about the mi35M with only igla for self defense

Except, they igla DOES have a proxy fuze, its just 0.5m because it has a small warhead. It also has better flare resistance than the stinger (it has some of the best flare resistance in-game, idk why u say its “bad” lmao).

As for it only pulling 10G’s so does the stinger. The mistrals get to pull 12G and the special snowflake TY-90’s get the best flare resistance in-game (by FAR) AND get to pull 20G’s. Russian helis REALLY arent needing of a buff

Have you played the mi25m or even the mi24v or p just because the ka52 is op doesnt make the all Russian helicopters op please dont bring the ka52 into this discussion again it’s op yes but the mi35M is not

well then the stingers and mistrals would need to get their actual G-Loads

I’ve played Mi-24’s yes, theyre fine as is.

The fact you’re complaining about the Igla when most ppl have stingers which are literally worst is somewhat aggravating, especially when the claims you’re making about the Igla are demonstrably false, such as the flare resistance and proxy fuse

and have their seekers actually work.

Stingers and Mistrals are heavily bug reported as being wrong, and afaik are screwed because of a balancing decision made back when helis first came out and MANPADS crushed anything in the air. We’ve since gotten better missiles though and TY-90’s were added which literally just shit on everything for the simple reason that unlike other heli missiles, they HAVENT been nerfed into the ground