Is the FOX1 of this game too strong?

Why is it easy to dodge FOX3 while doing 39 maneuvers?
Why is it difficult to dodge FOX1 while doing 39 maneuvers?

Fox3 are “balanced” to be easy dodgeable, nothing more

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Even if the user’s radar loses the enemy’s aircraft, the Fox1 can still hit the enemy’s aircraft by inertial guidance in the close range.

Fox-3s when they go terminal have a fairly easy to defeat seeker when you properly notch/chaff. Especially if there is ground clutter involved as well.

Fox-1s require defeating the radar on the aircraft, and they tend to be a LOT better at dealing with things like Chaff and ground clutter and can be far harder to notch.

Though that being said. Many Fox-3s are pretty obviously underperforming. With many many bug reports active for them. But they will always be a degree of balancing invovled, Just like they’ve done for Fox 2s. They are way way easier to flare than they should be.

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Thats on the soviet missiles. IOG got removed from all western SARHs a while back.


Both the 7F and R24R in the game have IOG

7F has IOG?
i dont remember this…

You can play 7F, and even close range radar unlocking can hit.

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That is not IOG, it is just the fact, that missile has a few second of relock time, and during that time missile will fly on the path it was already taking.

After the radar loses the enemy aircraft, the 7F will still change course according to the direction of the enemy aircraft, rather than a fixed path.