Is the f-104 broken?

Background: I have 200 games and 4.0 kd with the F-104a, I’ve been playing it for the past couple of weeks. Today I tried playing a few games but the plane just feels awful? I feel like the maneuverability has been halfed overnight. Now I know f-104s are not know for their acrobatics, but this does not feel like the plane I’ve been flying everyday. Can someone fly it out and test it? Is this some sort of a bug?

probably a stealth nerf, they do that to u.s planes alot and have been for years

You likely played a different aircraft and forgot the feeling of F-104.
It’s correct tho, its rudder doesn’t work that well.

there was a manouverability bug this patch where if you exceeded 1000km/h the control surfaces jammed up. i heard it has been reported. its also present on the G91 R/3 (german tech tree one)

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F-104A is the best Star Fighter by far. Mainly thx to its low BR. All others might be better equipped, but have unpleasent BR’s where they just fail. So I believe you this 4.0 KD, which is quite high.

To tackle this, they might have applied a stealth nerf.

US mains always coming up with the goofiest shit. No, they don’t “stealth nerf”, we know about every single change that ever happens on this game due to skilled data miners and the fact gaijin themselves do print off extensive changelogs anyway. To that note, almost nothing has been specifically used to target USA for nerfs. Any “nerf” they got was global across all 10 nations.

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You’re dumb. They nerfed the Penetration on the LAV-AD without stating it in the patch notes, they’ve nerfed the M18 without giving a reason why, they’ve nerfed U.S Radars ESP U.S Radar missiles to the point people were putting out videos talking about it. The fact you actually think gaijin doesn’t stealth nerf or stealth buff certain nations shows me you are ignorant and a clown.

Datamines don’t enable “stealth changes”. hence my point. It’s either announced or datamined… nothing is “stealth”. Not giving a reason doesn’t mean stealth either.

They have not nerfed US radars directly nor have they nerfed US missiles directly. That said… almost every missile and radar the USA uses… is used by other nations as well so you’re goofy af.

Just want to let you all know, the problem fixed itself like a day later, and my F-104 was maneuvering again like it used to. Haven’t had similar issues since then.

LOL ok bro, you see why its clear you don’t know anything. All the Missiles are not the same, nor are all the radars the same. AIM- Missiles one patch all of a sudden started going after different targets, crashing into the ground , (2) aim 7-f just flies into the dirt, full radar lock - YouTube And if you think this was in the changelogs, i dare you go find it, i’ll be waiting.

Trust me i know what you’re talking about, you’ve been flying a plane for weeks and months, then all of a sudden you feel its not flying the same and you’re like " i didn’t change controls??? " then in a few days it goes back to normal. No explanation at all. They’ve done this so many times i’ve just stopped caring.

Nobody said or implied this

I said almost all of the radars/missiles the USA uses are also on other nation’s vehicles in exports

Datamines DID show these changes you’re referring to…

Tinfoil hat enthusiast

hey dumbass, you really think they put everything in the changelog? LAV-AD Stealth nerf to HVAP, couldn’t find it in changelog - Machinery of War Discussion / Ground Vehicle - War Thunder — official forum I could go back YEARS in the old gaijin forums to find posts about people stating changes not found in the change log, but i already know a thick skulled fool like you, won’t even bother to admit you’re wrong. You are a clown, and the more and more you type stuff its clear to me that people like you don’t know how to use the forums search history

Not in the changelog

Not in the changelog

More changes people have fond, not listed in changelogs.

said about… three times now? that I don’t. I said there is no such thing as a stealth change because we have both changelogs (which DO detail these changes most of the time) but also DATA MINES, I repeat, **DATA MINES**which explain anything else that gets changed that isn’t in changelogs…

you can’t read or something?

It was literally a bug caused by a broken instructor, not a “nerf” at that time.