Is the AU-1 worth it?

Hi everyone! Can anyone help me decide if the AU-1 is worth it? Like buying it off of the market or even trying to get it out of the current loot boxes? I have the premium F4U-4B but REALLY want a light strike aircraft/ fighter with more bomb capability. Also is the F2G worth it as well. If the AU-1 isn’t then I’d probably go after this instead. I have these aircrafts corresponding BR’s in ground as well as in air TT’s. I don’t want to grind with them, just have them as a fun option to play. Thanks in advance for any help! :)

The AU-1 is still overpriced at just less than $200. You can get similar CAS value in the AD-2 or AM-1. As a fighter I think you’re better off with the F2G. The F2G is one of the best fighters where it’s at. That being said, it doesn’t bring much to the table in terms of CAS.

The P-47M on a discount is also very nice.

Yeah Ikr! I’m really hoping that It will come down to at least $100 one day, while I’m still super invested in the game.

Yeah, I have the AM-1 and still have to research the AD-2 (They changed the TT on me while researching it XD) but I don’t like dogfighting in them, or just aerial combat in general.

I’d totally get one, but it’s like $25 for either when they come around. If they were cheaper then I’d buy one.

But thank you for your input :)

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The P-47M is very underrated in my book. It does dogfight really well and it carries more ordinance than the F2G. It may not be as useful in air RB but in ground I think it’s better.

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Hmm okay. I’ve never been to big of a fan of P-47’s in game but maybe I’ve been wrong about them.

Not worth the price at all. It is extreamly good grinder and support in all modes. And if you wish to use it as fighter it gets stupidly good airspawn that helps a lot in air rb. 9 bomb drops and insane ammo poll make it insane ground pounder and cas. But its just not worth the price insane price. Not sure what price F2G is but its decent but if you own premium F4U4B already you cant upgrade that cheaply since its already rather good. I got AU1 from then event and used it for all sorts of tasks events and extreme sl farming but if I didnt have it would just use cheaper sl farmer like F2G or other nation ones.

The F2G is about $35. I think imma just stick with the F4U-2B. I test flew the AU-1 earlier and I don’t remember it being as blocky as it feels. I might still buy the F2G if I have some spare moneys laying around

Depends, are you a fan of being a corsair with a B-24 bombload?

I got some experience farming with it in air rb like above 12k ground units killed. Its extremely blocky with payload. Often I fly without or low payload and just use guns. If somebody interrupts my farming it its rather nice versus inpatient people and can drop speed fast to gain position very well and spray people with 1000 ammo you have.
Its rather bad corsair version performance wise but gets rather decent br for it. And sometimes you can just simply run away from bad fighter thinking you are slow attacker and easy kill since they just lack low alt speed like most dedicated non US light fighters you will see.
I don’t do braindead fighter mode stuff often. But being able to outclimb whole enemy team thanks to air spawn or farm bombers makes stuff easy. Conserving your energy well and being able to just dump it all very fast (with gears or flaps) to gain position on enemies can yield a lot of air kills. Facing more skilled players lack of pure power shows way more and F2G and F4U4B just have that over it.
Its sl farming playstyle isn’t for everyone obviously you will also get insane rp and score for events as a bonus. Its my brain dead farmer of choice since i dont spend on other meta prems at all.
I ve managed 1 million sl air rb games in it. Or 9k score ones in it.
I wouldn’t say you need to be great pilot to also make it insanely rewarding with right knowledge.
F2G offers more balanced approach for way cheaper price also requiring some neuron activation sometimes and you often get very forgiving matchmaker.