Is Marketplace worth it for selling boxes?

Hi, not so new player here, but I didn’t try to use Warthunder Marketplace yet.
Over time I amassed number of boxes from major updates. Is it worth it to sell them on Marketplace in order to buy vehicles available only for Gaijin Coins?

Sell them. It’ll take a long time. You’ll get 0.08 GJN per box. You won’t get a vehicle with them, but you might get a nice camo or two with that.

Or convert them to Warbonds if you need them, that works too.

Yeah some of the older updates have boxes worth a decent bit of change.

Edit: i wouldn’t go selling the ones worth the minimum sales value tho

I’d guess no: There’s so many boxes around, but little (I’d go so far as to say no) demand for them: Everyone gets them, but not everyone is willing to spend money to open them, so there’s tons of boxes.

You can still keep them and then as the get older exchange them with warbonds for the warbonds shop…

Thanks for tips! I didn’t know, you can exchange them for warbonds as well.

Interesting, so boxes rise up in value as they get older?
Also how does the exchange for warbonds work? Is it warbonds sold by other players like other stuff, or are warbonds bought directly from gaijin?

As they get rarer they do. Just see if aby of your boxes are selling for above the minimum amount and thrn go about selling those

Thanks for info, but I should have stated, that I have no interest in anything else than vehicles.
And warbonds too for that matter, as they can get me vehicles as well.

How does it work with Warbonds, exactly?

Each of the boxes can be exchanged for warbonds and then those warbonds can be used in the shop. If you want to get vehicles from the warbonds shop, you will have needed to complete a certain number of special tasks. Unless you have an obscene amount of boxes, you won’t get enough warbonds for a vehicle from boxes and you’ll have to do the battle pass.

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Found it, but it only works for some boxes.
Do you know why you cant do that with every box?

I’m not sure. For me, it only shows the Sky Guardians crate as exhangable, but if I remember correctly, others used to be for me.

Selling these boxes is a tedious process which drags on forever because the market is saturated with them. My advice is to check which older boxes can be exchanged for 25 warbonds and do the exchange. Only put up for sale the newer boxes that cannot be exchanged for warbonds.

They need to be from a couple of updates ago (I’m guessing 3…), if they’re too recent you’ll just have to keep them and wait, they all become exchangeable at one point.

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Ok, but the weird thing is, I could exchange Sky Guardians, but I couldn’t exchange Apex Pedators, which is older by one update.

Apex Predators boxes became exchangeable now as well:)