Is it worth using the RoKAF F-16C Basic Employment manual to facilitate the efficient usage of the USA F-16C? ==INFO FOR MODS!== ---MANUAL IS DECLASSIFIED AND AVAILABLE TO GENERAL PUBLIC---

Is it worth learning from a IRL employment manual? and is the information relevant to the game and will it facilitate the efficient use of the Aircraft as a player?

Declassified in 2012
Air to Air Combat starting on page 123.

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Please ensure that there are no export restrictions on it, it has differents between available to general pubulic


@Smin1080p We got another one.



Please see our source requirements: Source Material: Restrictions on Classified and Export Restricted information (“Military Restrictions”)

You must provide clear and direct evidence that the document fully and legally declassified otherwise it cannot be shared. Whilst it does state “unclassified”, you must provide direct evidence to support your claim that it is fully declassified and suitable for public use, otherwise it cannot be shared under any circumstances.

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