Is it true that the Su-25BM was modified by the 558 ARZ?

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Of particular interest is the Su-25 558 ARZ, a variant ordered by Kazakhstan and Bulgaria from the 558 ARZ plant in Belarus between 2016 and 2018.They were intended to improve existing K models.
I have not heard any information or news that the BM type was improved. Anyone know of such a source?

This article is about Bulgarian Su-25K modified with 558 ARZ.

This article is for Kazakhstan’s Su-25.

Looking at several other articles, there is no information that the BM was modified, and there is no article that the engine was changed from the UMPO R-95 to the R-195.

The BM with the engine replaced with the R-195 has a distinctive appearance. Part of the engine nozzle protrudes from the nacelle, and there are small air intakes above and below the nacelle. This is similar to the T type, and you can tell the difference between the K type and the T type in the game.

Even if you look at the photo of the Su-25, which is said to have been modified by the 558 ARZ factory, it does not have the characteristics seen in the BM. What’s more, even the Devblog screenshots released the other day don’t have these features.

Therefore, it is doubtful that the Su-25BM 558 ARZ is a BM, and the engine may not have been replaced with the R-195.

BM is just fictional name that was chosen by gaijin, probably by gaijin it means “Belarusian Modernization”.

If so, I think the BM designation should be removed to avoid confusion.
Also, the engine must be R-95 conforming to the K type.

Kazakhstan has original soviet Su-25, but yes, it should use same R-95Sh

Seems Su-25BM sorta accurate name.



Agreed, in fact, the BM exists, but according to Wikipedia …" the Su-25BM (Buksirovshchik Misheney ) is a target-towing variant of the Su-25 whose development began in 1986 “…
Based on the motors and weapons, it seems similar to a Su-25 SM, which kept the [R-95sh] engines, …” overhauled and modified with an anti-surge system installed ".

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