Is it possible to merge the vehicles on two accounts?

I have two war thunder accounts, and both are on PC. Is it possible to merge my two accounts, or at least transfer the vehicles from one to the other?

No and no.


Not only is that not possible, but having 2 accounts is a blatant violation of the terms of service which, apparently, no one ever reads.


The second account was a mistake because, for no reason at all, war thunder started signing me into an account based off of my email instead of my steam account. the reason I want to have them merged is because 1 or 2 premiums I got went to that account instead of my main one.

Dang this is a common situation to be real.

It’s hard for fresh players.

Please contact Gaijin support for account-related issues.

This happened a while ago, and now some premiums I got are now bound to that account. The only thing I would like to do is to merge the two accounts so I don’t have to switch accounts to play some vehicles.

You’d have to beg and plead with the support guys, and see what comes of it. It’s the only real way to actually look at it.

Wish you well man, and I hope someone can look into it for you.

You aware that playing two accounts you are effectively diving your effort…research on one does NOT apply to the other…and it will never apply.

I would select one and move on with it…and i suggest you plead your case to support as soon as possible…i dont think your odds are good, but the longer you wait the worse it will be, as you will have “benefits” from your premium vehicles on the account you dont want to keep…

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I remember so long ago someone I came across had an account for each nation, which was crazy to me… He was adamant he was benefitting xD

I cant see how…some currencies, like SL can be shared between nations…so it is better to have them all on same account. Simply put…i can use all nations to farm SL and then use it on a single nation i want at that time.

Oh absolutely, it was so confusing as every time I was all ‘Yep, lets play American’ ‘Oh wait, I’ll just switch’…

So much time wasted and he was just so convinced…