Is it possible to change your vehicle's spec?

Hello. Is it possible to change your vehicle’s spec or performance other than modifying gears?
I know you need to unlock your vehicle’s modifications to increase its hp, etc. but is there any possibility to mess up warthunder’s programmed spec on its vehicle by pressing random keys? Last night, I was in matching queue, and my father came in my room and put some random keys on keyboard to mess around me. I know this is kind of silly question, but I’m not even sure if there is anything wrong with my tank because of his ugly childish behavior. I just want to make sure and stop getting stressed out by this.

When you’re in cruise control I feel you aren’t going as fast as you would if you hold W.

It’s like auto, but tapping the forward makes it seem to pick up faster.

Dunno, something to literally test on a map or something like a testdrive, and see which goes faster.

Of course. If you press J long enough, your armour deforms and individual parts reach unimagined speeds…


He did it while i was in matching queue, not in the middle of gameplay. I just wonder if pressing random key during matching queue can affect my vehicle’s performance somehow. For example, pressing random key during the match making can decrease my vehicle’s speed or armor or something?

Nah, wouldn’t affect it.

What could make things appear sluggish, is wifi. It causes desync sometimes and it feels like it’s stuck in the mud.

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It cannot change your vehicle’s performance.

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that’s right, when you enter the game, press the J key at the appropriate time and hold for 3 seconds. your vehicle will activate combat overload mode

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