Is it just me or SA Server having ridiculous loading time?

It has been like this for almost a month now, When loaded in it take like around 5-10 minutes before you can spawn in the game. Almost all of the people all of I played with has complained in the game chat that it’s taking ridiculous amount of time to load into the game.


yeah youre not alone. its happening to me too

I’m also getting constant 300-500 MS ping and 4-7 Packet loss sometimes spike up to 50%

Same experience here - when I try the other servers I get huge packet loss but the game loads faster. When I use SA server it takes a long time to load, it plays well once running but many a times I just end up waiting for a game or waiting once the game loads to get into the actual game play.

Been crashing a lot today… it’s definitely not on our end.

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