Is it just me or are the M60's all overtiered

I feel that all the m60 variants are both overtired and placed in such a way that doesn’t allow for a competitive lineup

The first M60, the unstabilized variant, at br 8.0 it has nothing to stand on. The gun is average at best and underperforms compared to contemporary’s, the armor while decent has glaring weak spots for the few guns that at that tier don’t have a apfsds rounds to easily penetrate it, and the lack of a stabilized gun makes it horrible for any kind of offensive action as in most cases you will see 8.3 and higher lineups which all have stabilizers

The M60 (AOS) carry’s over all those problems being a 8.3 a .3 increase from the previous tank only fixing the issue of stabilization allowing it to perform but just barely. Looking at its Russian contemporary the t-55a which holds advantage over every aspect except armor at least conceptually. In practice though that armor advantage means nothing as the t-55a has several options to eliminate the armor advantage in its apcbc round which can one shot the cupola weak spot that due to m60’s height is almost always visible or a apfsds round which can penetrate an m60 almost anywhere and with some aiming can do serious damage

The last two m60’s, the M60a1 Rise P and M60A3 TTS I don’t necessarily have the experience too speak on them as well as I have not played them yet but looking from the outside and with experience from the last two the era on both them seems negligible at the 8.7 - 9.0 range and to an extent at 8.0 range. Along with that the apfsds round the two tanks share is not good compared to that of lets say m48a2 G A2 or the Russian tanks. Along with that while I recognize that the TTS does include a lazer rangefinder which possibly might warrant a jump in br, the Rise P brings nothing of a major advantage compared to the AOS.

The last issue I have overall with these is that none of these tanks find themselves in a good lineup aside from the AOS. The base M60 has no lineup aside from a premium tank. The AOS has a few options; the T95E1 is honestly a bad tank at 8.3 aside from its semi-reliable speed and somewhat good frame it brings nothing even the supposed point of the tank the apfsds round is just not that great, The M60A2 is a niche tank that brings some positives but I feel is just not great, The Sheridan and Bradley are both niche tanks that I think are good and actually better options than the AOS. Then the Rise P doesn’t have a lineup at all there is nothing at 8.7 other than itself. And Finally the TTS is just in a br range where you would be better off taking the xm-803 and mbt 70 every single time as they do everything better than the TTS.

Overall I just feel that the M60’s are all in a very bad spot and while they perform it isn’t due to any thing positive within the vehicle but rather the individual’s playing them

Idk its on par with the 1949 T-54 and cent mk-10

Very much an equal to the T-55 and such

Both are adequate in all aspects at their respective battle ratings


Literally the best 8.3 with excellent firepower, mobility, and armour

Thats what im sayin their all good where they are

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It’s APDS doesn’t have the same post-pen damage as APFSDS which it faces on a constant basis, it also doesn’t have APFSDS-levels of sloped pen and it’s reload rate is nothing special either.

M60A1 reaches 35 km/h in 9,35s
T-62 reaches 35 km/h in 8,94s
Leopard 1 reaches 35 km/h in 6,17s

M60A1 reaches 45 km/h in 16,65s
T-62 reaches 45 km/h in 15,71s
Leopard 1 reaches 45 km/h in 10,17s

M60A1 performs 360° hull traverse in 11,56s
T-62 performs 360° hull traverse in 7,35s
Leopard 1 performs 360° hull traverse in 7,90s

M60A1 has a reverse speed of -8 km/h
T-62 has a reverse speed of -8 km/h
Leopard 1 has a reverse speed of -25 km/h



And this is just what lower BR’d tanks like the DF105 can do, let alone tanks in slight uptiers with DM23 APFSDS.


How is CM M60A3TTS 9.0?

Minor nation syndrome

Most 8.0 mediums lack stabilization and armor to stop any darts, so it’s not only a M60’s problem.
I can’t think of a reason why M60 should be lower than T-54s.

Longer reload, worse gun handling and gun depression are clear disadvantages of T-55A you failed to mention.

ERA is pretty useful in those tiers since many tanks still use HEAT and plenty of ATGMs aren’t tandem.

TTS also has thermals which aren’t commonly found on 9.0 mediums.


Due to how War thunder gameplay is design.
M60s not going to gain much from its Armor . while it still has mediocre mobility especially at high tier.

At least after Gaijin fix their mantlet they can tank some shot if hull down.

Though M60A1 Rise and M60A3 TTS should get better APFSDS round (M774 and M833) to compensate their mediocre mobility. plus at their BR there are better APFSDS round on others vehicle at the same BR anyway.