Is it a bug?

So a while ago I uploaded two suggestions about vehicles and they were pending at the time I sent them.

RIght now from what I can see, I created two topics which I assume are my suggestions but the problem is I cannot actually find them and the forum also told me I have not started a topic yet. Is it a bug or something else?

most likely they’ve been hidden by a suggestion moderator…

Hidden by a suggestion moderator probably, out of curiosity what vehicles were they?

Scorpion 90 and RAPIDRanger/Thor MMS.

Is there any reasons for hidden topics?

I also DMed one of the suggestion mods a few days ago but I do not receive any response yet. So right now I’m really confused.

? scorpion 90 and Thor?

Thor i’m assuming is referring to the Missile tank platform and don’t know what the scorpion 90 is.

Thor MMS is similar to RAPIDRanger, which is a mounted multi mission system that not only capable of firing AA missiles like Starstreak, but also capable of firing ATGM like Hellfire and Spike.

Scorpion 90 is an exported version of FV101 scorpion which are equipped by Venezuela and Indonesia. It refitted the main armament with a Cockerill 90mm gun as well as advanced FCS like stabilizer, thermal, hunter-killer system, etc.

That was not my question. What is the Thor MMS and the Rapid Ranger? Could you give me the in-game names?

They’re suggestions, they aren’t ingame.

Was trying to figure out what the heck the Thor MMS was. Finally figured out what it was. Thanks.

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Happened to me as well, I have had one topic in pending for some time and today it disapeared and I now have 2 topics created while i can see only my older topic on 18-Pdr Stuart and not other one. Another thing that happended to me is also i had a draft of topic created but when I wanted to continue writing two days late, it was not there it was all gone but just one day before draft was still there. This new forum seems kinda bugy.

I dont know, you should have linked the tread so they could see what else was said by the moderators. But also, if you didn’t read the guidelines before posting (like I did) it probably won’t be accepted, it’s takes sources, photos, and specifications before they will even think about approving it, if you don’t get it approved and have done what was said before, then contact a mod and they can tell you why.