Is having WarThunderCDK in my files risky?

Hello everyone,
A while ago a friend got banned for obscure reasons, he said that it was probably because of userskins.
While i doubt it, i’m scared to add anything to the games files, like WarThunderCDK for example.
Can you guys tell me about your experience ? Is EasyAntiCheat gonna take WarThunderCDK for a cheat ?
Can a technical moderator ( if that exists ) confirm that WarThunderCDK is safe to have in the files ?

Thanks a lot,
Jiwi :)

No, nothing from the WT live should be a trigger. The game literally facilitates you creating custom skins, user sights, voices, etc. Nor the CDK unless you have modified any of the actual game binaries, not just maps and scenarios.
I think they are busting people for using VPNs or VPN like software to spoof IPs. Unfortunately they are also bycatching people who don’t have consistent fixed IP numbers.

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Thanks !