Is "Ge for WT" approved and or a scam or not?

Hey I’ve seen from some YouTubers I’ve watched that. Do war thunder videos sponsor a app called" GE for WT ", and off of the reviews. I’m not sure if it’s a scam or not because a lot of people said they got banned for it and I want to know if this is going to get me banned or not because it’s a app that might give you some golden eagles for playing some games. So please someone tell me cuz I’m now nervous to even open the app anymore…

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Most likely a scam, but Ive never tried it

Ive used it and got around 2k worth. They only let you take out so much at one time so dont build up like i did as it took 4 weeks to get all my ge out. If you ever seen the websites that say earn cash playing games or taking surveys its the exact same thing but they pay you out in GE. You will not make a lot of GE unless you are doing a lot of the promos, and the pay per task is varied.

One example is play shadow legends and get to level 20 with in X amount of days and get 10 GE. ( its been a while so dont know what the current offerings are ) Take this surevey and earn 0.5 GE. So lots of variations but dont expect to grind out 10k in a short period.

Now that is sad, not worth the effort IMHO.

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don’t try it its borderline impossible to do so its just a waste of time and also it probably sells your information, also its not an official thing so I wouldn’t trust it

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K thxs