Is current Arizona's shell room right?

Current USS Arizona’s shell room is notorious for stationed at barbette above the main armor, makes it detonate in any angle she encounters with battleship having gun with high penetration.

shell room

However from the sources what I can find, USS Arizona has its handling room on the barbette inside the main armor. Image from official document OP-1112, shows that handling room(which is equivalent for shell room ingame) for Penssylvania class is in the ‘thin’ side of barbette, which is existed inside the main armor.

Also, seeing in the general plan of USS Arizona in 1941, we could see that ‘14’’ handlig room’ is stationed at lowest part of barbette. Considering the above OP-1112, the real shell room position would be the red place on the second image.

But curious thing is that Gaijin originally stationed shell room in those postion and then changed after. Above image is one of youtube USS Arizona review made in April of 2022, just after the USS Arizona first introduced. We could see shell room is inside the main armor, directly above the waterline. However later, maybe start of this year if I remember correctly, Gaijin suddenly moves shell room above the main armor like what ingame USS Arizona has now.

Is it just Gaijin do things without proper consideration so I have to report this or Gaijin having documents with superior priority so this thread should just left in machinery of war discussion?

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They are correct as is:


Isn’t this a version of USS Arizona when initially comissioned? It looks like at frame 91 the lattice mast is drawn. Also it seems torpedo bulge is not depicted in this plans.

AFAIK in the modernization of 1920s the turrets and barbette has thorough modification through most of standard battleships. That’s why I’m asking this question.

It doesn’t matter. The Pennsylvania-class was the first to be built entirely with the barbette shell rooms from the beginning. Nevada had some initial on the lower decks, but were eventually eliminated, too.

then those shells on lower barbette(on OP-1112) only limited to fourth turret?