Is AIM-9C bugged?

For some reason since this update AIM-9C goes for chaff even though the radar still has proper lock on the target. Before this update if someone used chaff then the radar would have locked the chaff and the missile would have gone for that. Since this update the radar on F8E is ignoring chaff but the AIM-9C is still going for chaff as usual. Is this a bug?
Or maybe my opponents weren’t using chaffs but instead they were using flares and my missile might have acted like an IR missile due to some bug. Maybe that’s why my radar had a proper lock but the missile went for his countermeasures.


Aim-9C is a pulse missile so it will always be chaffed by 1 single chaff

I know that. It’s behaving quite weird since this update. I’m not sure if it’s the radar or the missile’s issue. Before this update if someone used a single chaff then my radar used to lock on that chaff and my missile would have gone for that. But in this update my radar is ignoring chaffs but the missile isn’t.

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So nothing changed, your missile still goes for chaff when someone uses chaff , think about it like that. I think they changed some radar parameters this patch but missiles are the same

9C is still the best radar missile at this BR overall, mirage f-1c has a similar missile at 11.3 that gets 1 tap chaffed lol

That’s true. It’s a great weapon to deal with lvl 10 premium players.

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(F-5Cs, Su-25s) ;)))))))

I tend to use the 9Cs in head ons, quite a number of ppl dont expect them, due to the 9km frontal lockon and launch ability, catches many by surprise