IRIS-T - The pinnacle of IR guided Short Range Air to Air Missiles

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On the subject of trust vectoring.

There are a few different ways of doing thrust vectoring

Each of them has their own set of pros and cons, and different use cases will favour different technics.

As you can see for example, the movable nozzle system is the one that is the most “powerful”, ie can actually deviate the jet the most.

It is this used for very high precision and quick reaction systems like the Arrow 3 exo athmospheric anti ballistic missile’s kill vehicle
téléchargement - 2023-11-20T155255.691

Here, the dark blue ball is the rocket motor. it can rotate freely on all three axis.

For more pertinent missiles for this discussion, this picture sumarizes the different applications :

We can see that the R-73 (AA-11 Archer) is one of the rare air to air missile to use jet tabs. However, that doesn’t make it worse or cheap. You can see on the first picture that jet tabs have a greater potential in jet deviation compared to jet vanes (that Iris-T and the likes use).
As such, one could even say that the TVC of the R-73 is better than that of the Iris-t. However, it’s all about trade offs. Jet tabs, while offering better performances, are heavier, costlier and less reliable than jet vanes, especially when jet vanes are controlled by the fins of the missile. You basically have two sets of independent controls on the R-73, with all the issues that can arise from it, compared to the one set of combined vanes and fins on other modern dogfight missiles.

So, all in all, both solutions have their own drawbacks and benefits.

Main source for this post is the book Missile Design Guide by Eugen Fleeman

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those angles depend on a lot of factors
Here is a patent with Jet Vane TVC and ±30°
1499072476444130804-US20050178878A1 (

its also worth noting that jet tab TVC is incapable of providing roll control. apparently they also reduce the thrust output of the motor during use

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I wonder if the use of jet vanes is for further help maintaining dual plane guidance while the R-73 remains single plane only and as such doesn’t require the added roll control.

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well the R-73 can still roll with its regular fins

Royal Thai Air Force F-5E firing IRIS-T
DEFENSE STUDIES: RTAF Reveals Images of F-5TH Super Tigris Firing an IRIS-T Missile (

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That doesn’t sound like fun in a VIDEOGAME.

it is what it i s

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I hope these never get added

it is possible to defend from IRIS-T. Either DIRCM or big boom flares as i call them

flares probably only if you pre-flare. DIRCM no.

Nope. The special flares create a GIANT heat source in the air, causing ever IIR misisle to lose the target, and while IRSIS-T is more resistant to DIRCM it is not immune to them, It depends how fast DIRCM would activate, laser will heat up and damage sensor. IRIS-T can just withstand that longer.