IR missiles

I need some advice. With realistic battles, it happens that a teammate or another target that I don’t want is aimed at me. Is it somehow possible to reset the IH rocket head?

Not as a command, as far as I know.

What I usually do if I get something locked that I don’t want (team mate, sun), is to toggle to another weapon which of course also stops the IR-lock (if more weapons to select available).

Or maneuver so the seeker looses lock.

Or wait.

I just turn the seeker off and on again.

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Yes, bind a button to weapon lock. Hitting this button when locked will unlock and restart the locking process, hitting it while locking will turn off the seeker. Or as others have said, switch to a different secondary weapon, this however doesn’t work if you only have one missile type.

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There are 2 keybinds. 1 to launch an IR missile, 1 to activate the seeker.

If you click the keybind that activates the seeker, it turns it on.
If it is already locked onto something, it will unlock it.

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Yes, but often players have little additional buttons available, so the use the normal pickle switch to activate and launch the weapon.

I for example have a good hotas setup, but still have so many other functions assigned, that I can’t spare yet another button for this, and using a keyboard function is also not feasible as I use VR.

then you have to use those workarounds like weapons toggle.

Yeah, a lack of buttons is particularly difficult for VR or console players. What I found useful was to bind pretty much everything to a pair of buttons, with one button selecting the system and the other what to do with that system. For example, I had LB be weapons and radar, with LB alone being fire, +A being lock, +X being weapons selection, +Y being radar lock, +B being ripple, and +D-pad being radar things like mode, scale, scope, and target selection- don’t remember exactly because this was a couple years ago.
I don’t know if this will help with your VR control problems but it’s what worked for me until I switched to PC and everything became 10x easier.

Can you give me call name for seting becos i cant find him in seting

Here are the two mandatory controls you need for using AAMs (Air-to-air missiles):
The second one is what you need to “unlock” a target.

Just note that if you get a target lock with an IR missile, you can just press the "Weapon lock (air-to-air) binding to unlock the target without the need to turn the seeker on.

Here’s how it goes:

  • You get an IR lock on a target you’re not supposed to
  • You press the lock binding again, the target lock is canceled.
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“Weapon Lock”