Invisible Tanks

Hi there. Since the last major update I experience soem strange behavior: Whilst in a match my Screen trurns into the wt-welcome-Screen for a few Seconds. Than it turns back to the match. And from that moment on some tanks, friends or enemys or even my own tank ist 90 to 100% invisible. See attached pic.
Unfortunately this is oneway - enemies can see my tank - while I can not.


I’m also having this problem. I have an AMD card, what is your hardware?

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I have this issue as well and Im also running an AMD card. I really hope it isn’t my card…

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AMD Ryzen 6900HX.
Pics: Microsoft OneDrive

That’s the “Video driver hung and was restarted” error. Some textures don’t load at all so you get partially or fully invisible vehicles.

I get that error if I alt+tab frequently.

I’ve reported the bug, they’ve ignored it so far like they have ignored all the countless other bug reports of the same issue in the past.

Don’t get your hopes up.