Investing in tank/plane/boat

I’m wondering is worth to buy verhicle/plane/boat for cheap from battlepas and wait until the price rise up and sell it again or is totally not worth and end up making loses in the Gajin market.

Vehicles usually take a few years to get any decent value, and in that time they could easily become obsolete, or trumped by a premium version that gives better rewards.

It’s a gamble that counts on the long game. I don’t think it’s worth it, unless you’re earning the vehicles for free.


Thank you for the answer and advice.

Definitely not worth, as Warpig said, it’s a gamble, some vehicles do well in the market and some don’t.
Personally I prefer grinding out event vehicles because that doesn’t require me to do specific tasks so i basically earn gjn for just playing like i always do

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They only time i would be worth it, is if there is a lot of hype around it Like the A-1H that has a toilet bomb with it. Right now its going for around 99 GJN. 99% of the time, the vehicles arent all that great. Event vehicles are also gamble and can take a while for them to get to a good place to sell.

AH-1 has a “toilet” bomb as weapon?

Yea, it doesnt do any real damage but its a historical thing that happened. A-1H ( my bad fat fingered it )