Introducing the top teams from the Grand Final Season I

This weekend, the final matches of the Grand Final Season I Tournament will take place, streamed across our four multilingual twitch streams. The prize for the teams competing for victory includes; 2100 GJN, unique skins and vehicle coupons.

So far many teams and players have participated, with only 8 teams qualifying for the final elimination rounds! Each has a great chance to go home with the prize. Which team will emerge victorious? You can find out this coming weekend!

Watch the live streams on Twitch, broadcast in English, Russian, French and German from 15:00 GMT on July 1st and July 2nd! You can obtain special Twitch Drop camouflages too!


Now we would like to take a little time to introduce you to the teams that are competing this weekend. Who will you support?

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Uniting players from REDA, OlySt and Nasty, RAWR became a truly global team, its members hail from Europe, Australia, and Latin America. REDA was born through the combination of several older tournament teams, captained by Bubensito159 from Peru. From that moment began a story of love, suffering, pain and (hopefully) glory. They believe in their potential to finish in the top 3 places, good luck to them!


‘Miracles’ were created in 2020 and consists of players from the CIS. Founded historically by former Akai Victory players, a team who some of you may remember from the Thunder League, today, their roster has changed and its current iteration is less than a year old! Captaining MRCLS is v1nny from Ukraine who believes they have a great chance to win the tournament if they can overcome DODEC!



Originally founded as a Squadron Battles team, KAPER have now turned their attention to the tournament scene. Captained by Nefo from Russia, the team is also made up of players from the CIS, it is also their first time competing in a major tournament! They hope to impress as the newcomers with good tactics, are afraid of nobody and believe they will place in the top 5 teams!


Another relatively new team, Let’sGo features some talented players from all over Europe and an origin in Slovakia. With numerous wins in the smaller 1v1 or 2v2 formats they are yet to achieve success in 5v5! Captained by kiGAOko they are aiming for a minimum 4th place finish. If they avoid MRCLS who knows, could they pull off a surprise? We’ll wait for the weekend, good luck!

Let’sGo Let’sGo


From France, LEDAC have competed in tournaments in various formats since 2017! Composed solely of French players they believe this gives them a better chance to co-ordinate their gameplan. The captain, Amau has a good understanding of the nations lineups and was very coy when asked where they could possibly place in the tournament! Although they have no direct rivals, they would like to beat Let’sGo.


The team has a long history. LEET or “Elite” as they are better known, fight for the honour of winning the most prestigious tournament since 2019. Their history is not without success, winning the Victory CUP in 2021 amongst others. The players of LEET team are from Russia and Belarus, captained by Doomheart. They respect all opponents and they hope to finish in a strong position.

Kompans Kompans


Hailing largely from Poland, Kompans players are the amalgamation of many formerly successful tournament teams. Former Verve and Dynamight players commanded by KrawsKeren they are aiming for a strong finish in the top positions.The KMPNS's finest hour was in 2021 with a series of crushing victories, and they are making a comeback at this tournament.


Formerly the prolific ENP team, today DODEC consists of many experienced players. Captained by Forze from Ukraine they still consider themselves in contention for the top places. With players from both Russia and Ukraine, can they overcome rivals MRCLS to claim another victory?