Introducing the "Guardian" DE M-SHORAD: Cutting-Edge Laser Equipped SPAA

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Hello fellow War Thunder enthusiasts!

I would like to suggest the addition of a fascinating and highly advanced Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft system to the game: the “Guardian” DE M-SHORAD (Directed Energy Maneuver-Short Range Air Defense). This cutting-edge system has recently been deployed by the US Army for testing, and I believe it would make a unique addition to War Thunder’s vehicle lineup.



Close view of the 50 kW-class high energy laser weapon


Armament: 1 50kw-class laser weapon powered by on-board diesel generator, range of 8 km

Armor: Protection against 14.5mm from the front, 7.62mm everywhere else, mine and IED protection

Mobility: 450hp engine with a max speed of 92 km/h, roughly 16.5 hp/t

Crew: 3, Driver, Laser Gunner, Commander

Radar: Electro-optic/infrared acquisition and tracking system, Ku720 multi-mission radar

Weight: 27,215 kg

Design and Protection: The “Guardian” DE M-SHORAD is based on the Stryker A1 8x8 armored vehicle, an improved version of the original Stryker vehicle manufactured by General Dynamics. It features the Double-V Hull (DVH) configuration, which enhances survivability against mines and improvised explosive devices. The high-hardness steel construction of the hull provides protection against 14.5 mm rounds on the frontal arc and all-around protection against 7.62 mm ball ammunition.

Mobility: Powered by a new Caterpillar C9 engine developing 450 hp (over the older 350hp Caterpillar 3126), the Stryker A1 DE M-SHORAD offers increased mobility compared to its predecessors. Equipped with an optimized driveline and eight tires, it ensures superior mobility and increased speed in all-terrain conditions. The vehicle can reach a maximum road speed of 92 km/h with a cruising range of 550 km.

Armament and Capabilities: The “Guardian” DE M-SHORAD is armed with a powerful 50 kW-class laser weapon. This advanced laser system provides effective protection against rockets, artillery, mortars, unmanned aerial systems, and fixed- and rotary-wing manned aircraft. Its radar system detects enemy drones up to 8 kilometers away, allowing the laser to lock onto and track them. In the face of incoming mortar fire, the laser quickly intercepts and destroys the rounds, ensuring rapid response and enhanced survivability.

Accessories: The Stryker A1 DE M-SHORAD is equipped with a Battle Management System and a computerized communication system, providing manual/semi-automatic/automatic target acquisition, aim-point selection, and aim-point management systems connected to the U.S. Army battle management system. The acquisition and tracking sensors include infrared-based wide field-of-view (FOV) components for target acquisition and an IR-based narrow FOV fine target tracker. The vehicle is powered by high-capacity batteries charged by the Stryker’s diesel engine. It also features thermal management systems for laser cooling and standard heating, venting, and air conditioning for all other subsystems.

I believe that the addition of the “Guardian” DE M-SHORAD to War Thunder would introduce exciting gameplay possibilities, offering players a unique experience with War Thunder’s first laser weapon. Its cutting-edge laser system, enhanced mobility, and advanced defensive capabilities make it a formidable asset on the battlefield.

As for how I personally would expect a laser system to work in the game engine would be for it to just cause a small amount of damage per second to certain parts of vehicles, for aircraft I would expect that control surfaces would be the most affected, and for ground vehicles, I would expect that you could pop tires of wheeled vehicles and eliminate exposed crew, and not do much to actual tanks, but considering we already have 2 AA only vehicles (Type 93 and Ozelot) this is not a deal breaker. For the fact this is currently in a testing state, the 2S38 is in the same situation, so there is precedent already.

Please give me your thoughts and suggestions, also mods, it’s my first suggestion, be gentle.

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While I would like to see more mid-high tier SPAA for USA, I feel like the laser variant of the SHORAD will definitely need to be a later addition.
Mostly because… how do you even balance a laser weapon?

It would just be a pain if Gaijin made the aim sway as bad or worse than it already is.
Do we even know the time to kill an air target with this system?

Sounds exciting +1

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We do not as it is currently an actively tested vehicle, but there is this article on a different 50kw system, saying it cut through 15mm of steel at 1km, which is at least somewhat of a comparison, plus this is a video game, they can play around with the TTK until it’s balanced or new info comes to light,from%20target%20detection%20and%20tracking%20to%20target%20engagement.

Lasers from 4-60 ADAR

New picture of the 4-60 ADAR unit in Fort Sill with their DE M-SHORAD vehicles

+1 as a squadron vehicle just because it’d be cool to have. Also, if the US gets this, the Russians better get the 1K17.